A Strange, But True Fishing Story

So I’m fishing with my team fishing partner and teaching buddy, Mike Ingram, on a warm June afternoon in 2014.

We’d almost finished for the day on Lake Okeechobee. It had been, yet another productive day on the lake as we had caught 35 bass between us in the first hour alone, with a few that were between 3 and 5 pounds.

On our way in to the Scott Driver Boat Ramp, we decided to fish a couple spots on the river with a black trick worm, shakey-head style setup, before heading in for the day.

So we’re fishing and talking, and I happened to ask Mike if he ever caught the same fish at the same time with a fishing partner. In other words, I was asking if he had ever caught a fish that hit 2 baits at the same time. I have no idea what made me ask that question, other than the fact that we had just cast near each other while we were talking.

He then shared with me a story where exactly that had occurred. He was fishing with a buddy back home in West Virginia. He and his friend had this experience decades ago. He went on to tell me about them catching the same fish. He continued with his story by telling me that this friend was eventually killed by a “Liger”. That was when I learned that Ligers do exist. Until then, I had believed that a “Liger” was merely a figment of Napoleon Dynamite’s imagination. Apparently I was wrong, and they really do exist. Look it up for yourself. It’s very interesting.

No sooner did Mike finish his “Liger” story, before he belts out, “OK, I’ve got one”. He set the hook, and I notice my line taking off, so I set the hook on my rod as well. We have a “double” I yelled. A double is where two people catch a different fish at the same time. That is really neat, but it’s not that uncommon here on the “Bif-O”, so I think nothing of it, until I reeled it in and realized … we had both hooked the same fish. Both hooks were inside the bass’s mouth.

I stood there with my mouth open in shock. Not 30 seconds after Mike’s story of him and a buddy catching the same fish, we had done the same exact thing! We both had chill bumps, and I think he really felt as if his friend was present, maybe looking down on us and listening, if not fishing with us in some strange way.

I still fish with Mike, and we both get chill bumps any time we mention that warm, June summer day in 2014.

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